While I Was Hustling To Get My Visa Application Complete

To deviate a bit from tribal talks, I just have this short experience I want to share.

While I was hustling to get my visa application complete and the deadlines for registration was getting very close, I had to start calling school. I called with more than 2000 Naira in a day till I got someone who got me to someone who finally linked me with my department.

I have learnt a lot of lessons but one very important one is persistence. I dialed my supervisor for almost two days straight till the man got angry and picked my call. I was not calling him for jokes, it was a matter of urgency. 

People tell you not to call them more than once, infact they may sound irritated when you finally get through to them but you are the one who is in need.

Be bold and humble yourself, don't get angry also. Just state what you need from them and wait. I must say I was scared they would deny me the admission cause of how I had disturbed almost every department in that school but finally I got the admission and also by the same approach I got the school to register me while here in Nigeria.

I am waiting for some few things but waiting has taught me so much, the greatest one is Persistence. Knock till they fling your desires at you, don't back down.

Never be ashamed to be embarrassed by your goals, people will mock your shameless appeals but never ever remove your eyes from your goals.

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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