The Nightmare Was Horrible

The day I confirmed I was not an adopted child even though I still tried to leave home and join under the bridge after that. I can only remember faintly the kind of nightmare I was having, it probably involved snakes, fine girls, mammy water spirit and some Ogbanje.

We used to sleep on a big brown bed in the parlor, those were days that we could never tell who peed at night.

 You could pee, wake up before your brother, roll him over to your side of the bed, go take a change of shorts and shower then gently lie down on the remaining side that was not wet. Maybe the devil was punishing me for those days I had rolled Eunice or David on my soaked side of the bed, I really don't know.

The nightmare was horrible, I jumped out of bed and made a beeline straight for "the parent's" door. Maybe they knew how that night would go ooo, maybe it was just intuition but unlike most nights the door was locked.

 I could still feel the ogbanje breathing down my neck, My tiny knuckles rapped on the door urgently, I could not scream or shout... I was more like "Mummy e wa silekun" whispering with all trepidation, I knew the devil had me and my parents did not even budge.

Even when I lost all restraint and wailed like I was being murdered, those evil two did not even coman open door for somebody. I peed my shorts that night yet nobody came for meParent that cannot allow nightmare to torment you, is that wan parent?

Written By Damilola Jonathan Oladeji
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