Two Ways To Be Happy With Governance In Nigeria

One, vegetate in your thorough lack of ambition, be so backward that you find street lights romantic, if not technologically earth-shattering.

Two, penetrate the system and bask in the reward of pure charade.

Nigerian governance has lost the power to annoy. Something can be so repeatedly annoying that it loses that power and you begin to tolerate it for your own good.

 But sometimes you look at the government and all you see in the mirror is yourself, your white-elephant intellect that creates little or no value.

Look at Nigerian entrepreneurs for instance. They mostly occupy the bottom of the value chain, creating nothing, only trading in finished goods.

 The Nigerian economic elite are the worst set of lazy profiteers on earth. For years now, medical tourism has been in public discourse, with many blaming the government for not building or equipping hospitals. Good point...

But why can't the private sector fill that gap and make all the money there is? Imagine a privately funded, well-organized and equipped medical estate even if with a few foreign experts here and there.

 A facility to address the so many health challenges Nigerians treat in South Africa, India, Germany, etc. But no! This one demands rigorous thought and work so we would have none of it. Reason most industrial entities here are owned by foreigners.

 We would rather set up posh salons and spas and boutiques. Like that, like that, we will be great.

Written By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu
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