The Evil Of Generalisation

1. An igbo man smuggles drugs in Indonesia
---- Igbo bashing fest begins. Suddenly people remember the first drug peddler in the medieval period had ancestral roots in igbo land.

2. Herdsmen kill Farmers.
-----People start bashing Fulanis, starting from Uthman Dan Fodio down to the last baby that was born three seconds ago with a Koran in his hands.

3. Akwa Ibom man sleeps with women
-----Okay, the bashing here is a bit less.
The men secretly want to know the magic. Which man does not love to exercise such prowess?
The women secretly want to know the size and quality of the instrument that caused so much chaos. Even though they hate the despicable undertone, the action itself is always imagined to be block buster.

4. Babalawo beheads son in Ibadan
------Just forget it. The Yorubas will be finished. These ones will just kuku lie down and take all the flogging.

5. Nigerian Women Prostituting in Europe
------Whether our Edo people like or not, even if the women come from Anambra, Imo, Ogun or even Nassarawa, the Edo people will be made to take responsiblity.

6. Woman deceived into Having Sex
------Feminists take a bashing for not having even basic common sense.

7. Man batters wife
------Men are reminded how ALL of them are evil and cheats.

It can be very painful when a society is evolving. We will all be alright.

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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