The Method The FG Has Been Using To Deal With Kanu Is Wrong

They say I ought to have talked about the denial of Nnamdi Kanu's Fundamental Human Rights instead of his attire.

As much as I hate the MO of Kanu and IPOB, I have reiterated here on several occasions that the method the FG has been using to deal with Kanu is wrong, and is likely to win him more sympathy.

That said, I INSIST his attire is IMPORTANT, not because of the dress itself, but because it belies an increasing mentality of inferiority complex. Its an attire that stems from the need to IDENTIFY and FRATERNISE. It is a complex that we do not need.

I feel bad when non-igbos take pot shots at the Biafran struggle in derision, but that does not mean the struggle itself does not have inherent contradictions.

1. You want Biafra to include LITTORAL states in today's Nigeria, yet you abuse and deride the Efik/Ibibio/Ijaw/Anang/Anioma/Ikwerre etc who question your motive out of curiosity.

You cannot abuse and intimidate people into buying your idea.

2. You totally subscribe to Nnamdi Kanu's pre-incarceration message of hate and murder, yet you go on and on about the hate the rest of Nigeria treats you with.

Your message should be consistent.
They say I want to sound de-tribalised. That one is actually your business. I say things as I deem fit. No society or race is without its shame, and the igbos are not different. If you cannot handle truth, then perhaps all that dance you do on my wall when I take on Buhari is hogwash. You are just incapable of seeing your own truth.

They say I am over-flogging the issue, but when I release 10-15 daily updates about today's government, you comment on every one of them agreeing with every detail. Bros, search yourself.

They say I am giving igbophobes the chance to take and air their igbophobia, yet when I argue with protagnists of this regime, most of you come chanting "BMC!!", without an ounce of intellectual contribution. Let me not even go into other derogatory words and slurs you have used.

My friends, search yourselves. There is a time to defend your justified BIAS, and a time to ponder on bitter truth. Cyclical events just goes to prove you are no better than many oppressors of today.

Even if Biafra comes today, this will remain my take on Kanu, IPOB and the Jewish identity conundrum.

And if your relationship with me is dependent on how I air my opinion, I consider that relationship unimportant as I see you as one who shouldnt be dealt with beyond the superficial.

If you dont like it, go and jump inside the Lagoon.

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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