Stop Falling For Scams

In a group I belong to on facebook, the admin splashed some pictures of a woman with four boys (quadruplets) of less than or about 2years old each. 

Told us she saw the woman begging under the sun and she was led to give her some money. So she was bringing this to the group so we could help as usual and see if we could take her off the streets. We do such regularly in the group so its not strange.

One cursory look at the pictures plus the story behind it, I knew for sure the kindhearted admin had been scammed.

Nigerians are very creative people. While some of us are doing well and bettering lives with our creativity, some of us are just channeling that creativity into the negative.

This woman with one head, two hands and two legs like everyone of us, infact, better than some of us who may have a physical handicap, goes and arranges with maybe a motherless home and rents these children, takes them with her and beg and nice and kindhearted humans like the Admin will feel so much and begin to pour out their pockets. 

The woman makes so much daily because Nigerians are good people. Most times, this woman makes much more than most of the individuals who drops a penny or two for a 'poor woman' and her kids.

There are a lot of
scammers, this woman is one of such. We should stop enabling them. People like this dont deserve any form of pity or sympathy.They are plain lazy.

Written By Yuddie Princess Egwuonwu

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