Why Are Doctors Prone To Depression/Suicide

1. The Doctor is almost never seen as a patient who may at one point need a Doctor himself.

2. The Doctor works very odd and long hours, and has much less time for social activities that are beneficial to mental health. Sometimes when I get home, my wife does not understand why I am irritable.

3. The pressure of the job naturally predisposes to anxiety. Apart from working long and odd hours leading to BURN OUT, the fear of a mistake (and potentially death of a patient) is always looming in the sub-conscious.

4. Doctors, because of lack of time to seek proper help, together with stigma, tend to self diagnose and self medicate. This sometimes leads to drug dependency and abuse.

5. In developing countries, imagine the four above, then after long years of study in Medical school, you still cannot eke enough to make a decent living.

6. Then after number (5), some of your mates who spent four years in the University, are doing much much better.

7. Despite all six factors above, you are not at the peak of your career, yet you cannot change course at this very late stage.

8. Or, you are at the peak of your career, yet the whole thing is an ANTI-CLIMAX. Considering all you lost on the journey, the sacrifice may not have been worth it.

Six years minimum in University, several more for specialisation, long and odd hours breaking your back, sometimes strained famly life for lack of time, and to cap it all, even the opportunity cost which is good money, may not be forth coming.

Key Words: 
Long Career
Overwhelming Sacrifice.
Lack of Commensurate Return.
Inability to Retrace. 

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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