Woman Jumps From Maza-Maza Bridge Into Lagos Lagoon

Doctor jumps off Third Mainland Bridge into Lagos Lagoon and drowns. 
Now, woman  identified as, Emerald jumps from Maza-Maza bridge into Lagos Lagoon and was saved.

- News

These are folks, distressed, depressed, stressed by a system structured to drive ordinary citizens mad. 

Folks are buffeted with broken marriages, joblessness, poverty, high costs of generating one's electric power, sinking boreholes for water, scrounging to pay hospital bills, traffic jams, horror of not paying children's school fees, closure of one's business, watching impotently as loved ones die because there is no money.

Guess what, these are hard realities, the stories of the tortured that never get reported until life is publicly snuffed out. The suffering, the fear, the terror, the stress, the depression. We do not report and analyze them.

Instead we are preoccupied with Colonel Ali and Senators or President Buhari and Goodluck Jonathan and other such foolishness of the ruthless, uncaring men in power.
These are sad and horrible times. 

Written By Ken Tadaferua
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