Social Media Matrimony Is As Exciting As It Is Dangerous

On Tonto Dike, Two Things
One, social media matrimony is as exciting as it is dangerous—some will say totally dangerous. 

Human curiosity is heightened more in the expectation of bad than good news, and so empathy and scorn are not evenly distributed. Sharing happiness is perhaps great, until it becomes obsessive.

Two, "blasting"—while it may help a sufferer find some psychological balance, or help in countering a false narrative—can hardly help in the long run. Marriage involves a lot of shared confidences. 

A lot of covering up weaknesses, forgiving, helping each other grow out of each other's demons.

Baring it all when love turns sour is not only a huge breach of trust. It shows a lack of respect for what was shared, for a love that once gave hope and joy; lack of respect for the individual being shamed—all to score a useless point.

Blasting, in the age of the internet, immortalizes someone's shame which, in some cases of criminal provocation, may be justified.

 Otherwise an adult who has failed to find meaning in a marriage should walk away without insisting on wielding a laurel from the public. Walk away with as little noise as possible.

 Where kids are involved, they will grow up to read dark publicities about their parents. It will not taste well. What is more, blasting does not even guarantee you that public support. 

Written By Immanuel James Ibe-Anyanwu
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