My Two Daughters Brought Home Their School Reports

So yesterday, my two daughters Laura and Chidera, brought home their school reports.

Laura, the bigger one, as usual excelled in all her subjects and got nice remarks from her Teachers.

Chidera's reports over several terms have been a mixed grill. This time around, the Teachers warned she has slipped again, especially in Mathematics.

Laura is naturally a bright girl. She interacts in a scientific and logical manner. When my Wife and I speak in codes, she is curious enough to try decoding, and sometimes shocks us with her answers to what we thought we had mystified.

She is the only reason why my Wife and I decided we must get a lock to our bedroom in the new House we are moving into.

Chidera is much more laid back. If she has the same intelligence (she is definitely not dull), she needs much more motivation to manifest it. She can be very witty, but her academics is a mixed grill.

My Dilemma:

I want to keep Laura motivated by buying her gifts from time to time. I promised her something for topping her class. I want to re-enforce positive behaviour.

I do not want Chidera to start feeling inferior in the process. I dont want a situation where a well intentioned action boomerangs and becomes counter-productive for her. She was crying when I told her it only Laura that would get a gift.

How does one handle this?

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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