Igbo Man Appearing In Jewish Cap

There is nothing more belittling than an Igbo man appearing in Jewish cap, when the Jews do not give a damn whether you exist or not.
It is one thing to objectively seek anthropological evidence whether or not one has ancestral links outside Africa. There is nothing wrong in seeking knowledge.
It is however another to claim fraternity when that link has not been established, moreso when the people you are claiming brotherhood have been known to treat those with same colour of skin as you very poorly.
If you are so knowlegdeable like you claim, you would know the East Ethiopians who have established and proven Hebrew links are still treated by the Isrealis in almost the same despicable manner that they (the Isrealis) have treated the poor Sudanese who are illegal immigrants on Jewish soil.
If indeed the Igbo have Hebrew links, we should be proud of the SEPARATE people we have evolved into. The Igbo, for all its problems, remain a force to reckon with in Nigeria, the West African subregion, and the African continent at large. Some of us should stop seeking validation simply because the Hebrew race is about the most prominent in the Holy Book.
There are many other races not mentioned in the Bible which dominate the course of global events today. There are many other races that do not worship the Christian God which have made their marks on the sands of time.
In any case, when you closely look at it, all of humanity, whether you believe in the bible or not, truly originated from one common, or few common ancestors, so why all the fuss?

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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