Just Imagine

Come with me.

Imagine I am a thief. I steal and sell stolen goods. I have been doing it for a while.

Now, imagine I get into a quarrel with someone. our fight breaks facebook and enters Linda Ikeji. And that person is so petty he decides to deal with me.

Somehow that person gets wind of my thievery and exposes me. He brings people who I have sold stolen goods to. He brings out the real owners of the stolen goods.


What's the happening here? The person i had issues with is trying to disgrace me.


Does that make me less of a thief?

NO. I am still a thief.

It doesn't matter how many 'enemies' are behind my travails. If I stole, I am a thief. And anyone who comes out to say, It is because he fought with 'Babatunde that's why he's going through this' is a fool.

There's no fire without gas.

Go back to your church and find where the usher kept your brain for Apostle office. And if you get sense, dip your hand into the offering bag and take your money back. Akamu.

Written By Hymar Idibie David
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