Permit me to update you about the drama that happened on my wall yesterday. You know that Facebook is the biggest drama house of the 21st century. Flying Spaghetti Monster might deny me peace of mind today if I don't do this update.

I wrote a post talking about the dynamics of the sexual relationship in a marriage over 15 years. The post was an attempt to sub our dear trending Apostle Suleman and his colleague, Chris Oyakhilome. I didn't know that I had offended the gods. Come and see drama. The drama was so much that I will have to do this update in 2 parts. This is for the sake of those who can't go through the many comments on the said post.

A part of my post says men are more libidinous than women. The gender militants (not true feminists) trooped in to dispute that fact. I provided enough scientific evidence to back up my claim but still, they maintained that men aren't more libidinous than women.

Here's their argument. It's the social suppression of women that makes it appear like women are less libidinous and because they are here to liberate women from the shackles of misogyny, they will persistently declare that women's libido is equal to men's.

They see libido as a sign of social power and since they're canvassing gender equality, then the libidos must be equal too. To them, saying women have less libido means we're saying women are lesser beings and regardless of any scientific evidence, they will rebuff that fact vehemently. I asked them to provide a scientific reference, just a single one, that negates my position. As at the time of going to the press, they're yet to provide one. In other words, we accept facts only when it suits our narrative and reject them when they don't.

Anyway, no matter how you feel, facts are facts. The basis of libido is biological. It resides in the anatomy and the physiology of the respective genders. I'm a feminist myself, a zealot for women rights. Thus I have never said and will never say that men having more libido means that men are superior. It only means men are different from women, not superior to women. All across the animal kingdom, the male is more libidinous. The reasons are pretty obvious. That's the best way a specie can survive. Evolutionary biology, people!

Then the issue of declining libido with declining age came up. One of them kept saying that the fact that there's something called Viagra is a sign that its men, not women, that suffer declining sex in old age. Well, one, Viagra has nothing to do with libido. It's a performance enhancer not an aphrodisiac. And two, there's Viagra for women too ('female Viagra'). And three, lube exists for heterosexuals and that's not because of women. So the Viagra point is a moot point. I also supplied evidence that even though both genders suffer declining libido with age, men are still always more libidinous than women.

They also didn't know the essence of averages and summary data. For instance, America has a higher per capita income than Nigeria which technically means that Americans are richer than Nigerians. That doesn't mean that EVERY NIGERIAN is poorer than EVERY AMERICAN. There will be data points that don't fall on the line. There will be some Nigerians that are richer than some Americans but that still won't change the fact. Same for sex. There are women of any age that are more libidinous than men of the same age. However those are the exceptions, not the rule.

As if that wasn't enough, I saw something else this morning. I saw a post that says 'The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings while the glans penis has only 4,000.' This means that the clitoris is far more sensitive than the penis.

 I scrolled through and saw a couple of gender militants congratulating themselves — with this information, it is now Female 1:0 Male. They must have thought sex now belonged to the female and not the male. So I commented 'Is this why women reach orgasm faster than men?' 

The author of the post whom everybody refers to as a doctor answered in the affirmative 'Yes. Women reach orgasm faster than men and it's due to the clitoris.' Lol 😁. Immediately, I saw another pseudofeminist trying to bend facts to suit political correctness and propagate militant feminism. I quickly set the record straight and left the place. Women don't reach orgasm as fast as men. That's a fact.

In summary, brace up folks! The malignant feminists (whom I choose to call 'gender militants') are around the corner. It's a fact that men are on the average taller than women. Very soon, these pseudofeminists will start arguing that men and women are of the same height. They will throw all evidence away just to execute their social war. 

They almost killed me on that post but I somehow survived. Help me thank God everybody.

Written By Peter Adeosun Keyz
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