It Will Soon Be Two Months Our President Left This Country To Treat Some Unknown Ailment.

Like joke like joke, it will soon be two months our President left this country to treat some unknown ailment.
A country of close to 200 million.

If Nigeria were a serious country, by now we ought to be talking seriously about his fitness for continuing office.

Even one who has metastatic prostate cancer can hold phone discussions.

Even one who has debilitating Liver cirrhosis can pose for photographs.

Even one who has pancreatic cancer can fake a healthy voice for a few minutes.

Even one who has end stage heart failure can fake a pose with dignitaries.

I never said the President has any of the above, but even patients with such illnesses can pretend about it, for those who want to be gullible enough to be decieved.

I wonder if there is anything we in this country can agree on.

Note how those who were defending his vacation are now too ashamed to talk but are instead giving us details about phone call.

When are we going to be ashamed enough to act in unison and demand some propriety?

This is going to TWO MONTHS!

Written By Obinna Aligwekwe
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