Rochas Okorocha! A Man To Watch Closely

Those who are not afraid to say the truth, and those who are prepared to confront reality readily agree that Imo State Executive Governor, Rochas Okorocha proves strategically-oriented, and reputed as the most focused Igbo politician, leader, intellectual and elder statesman in the land; undoubtedly a man to watch in motion.

To some, Okorocha may seem unpopular, for obvious reasons, but he remains steadfast with ideals and orientation capable of shaping a peoples' destiny.

Okorocha understands the Igbo predicament; he has come to terms with challenges ahead and fully unravels Igbo inner conflicts - all in relation to fronting Igbo identity in good light towards resolving apparent inbalance in the overall political framework of Nigeria.

He can never record failure because he is determined and adopts a strategic approach.

He can neither be deterred nor distracted because he is focused and has productive insight.

He can never yield to pressure or discordant voices because he knows radical home reformer attracts enemies in his domain.

He knows it is time for friendship among tribes, not enmity; time for interaction, not isolation, time for wit and commonsense!

He is farseeing to plan prudently for the future of his people; a foresight which enables quick breakthrough in mainstream politics.

 With little effort and time, chances are he'll assume pride of place and take center stage to emerge liberator of Ndigbo.

I speak in earnest, without fear or favour. I will never lie because I am not afraid to tell the truth.

Written By Vivian Jonathan Iwuoha
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