Change The Way You Speak To Each Other And Stop Damaging Yourselves

We must learn to curtail your words when speaking to those we claim to love. How a husband or wife can claim to be praising God with their tongues and then use harsh words towards their spouse and/or children, remains a mystery to me.

 No matter how you try to justify it, it's 100% wrong. Change the way you speak to each other and stop damaging yourselves. We must speak words of life, words of blessings towards each other always. As I always like to say, even if your spouse or perhaps your children, are behaving contrary to how they should , keep speaking life.
Use the Word of God to frame them so that they become who you desire. I am yet to meet a husband or wife who has been speaking terribly to, or about his wife, see a positive change in her. If your mouth releases blessings and curses, please check yourself.

 Ask yourself, am I allowing the Word of God to work in me? Ask yourself, am I really Christ like based on what I plan to say or what I have just said? It is the tongue of the wise that brings healing so it must be the tongue of the foolish that brings hurt.
You may be correcting, rebuking, admonishing, whatever - speak life only! The funny thing is that, a lot of people know how to speak positive or encouraging words to those outside their home but to their family members, it's a different story.

That makes you a hypocrite! You may not like it but it's the absolute truth. we are told that we must let our conversation always be full of grace and seasoned with salt, and it should begin in your home; from the inside out! Nobody likes harsh or hurtful words; sometimes a husband stays out so late until his wife is asleep because of her hostility or a wife never wants to have a conversation because all he does is tear her down.

There is clearly something wrong and the devil has been given room. This also applies to our children. Don't curse at them or abuse them; no matter what you see, keep speaking words that build up to them.

Your words as a parent matter!!!! Where you speak only positive words, there will always be life but if you keep speaking negative words, death - literally and figuratively, will be the result. Be wise! -

Written By Kemi Oyedepo 
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