How Your Company Determines Your Accomplishment

Your Company Determines your Accomplishment and Your association determine your influence.
Your life is a seed that grows if it is planted on a good soil of right company. Every Year I review My Friends and Delete wrong ones.I don't have many friends,I only have good friends.
One right person is more important than many company. I don't try to let people like me. I am not too social but I know that God and few right company will take me far.
 I am never afraid to stand alone because some people will not let you see God,They are Jonah that will sink your boat. 
The Question I ask,Is it wrong for people to be in your life for what they want to get from you? No! But it must be mutual. 
Anyone in your life just for getting without giving is a parasite and you need to cut them off. 
Don't just check yourself, Check your environment. If there is a major mistake last administration made, It was wrong company of thieves and that spoiled the Good intentions of the former president.
My destiny never evolve until I disconnected from some people. It is not enough to be a Good Man,You need a good environment and Good Company. Many Good Men ended bad because of bad company they keep.
I pray that you receive courage to stand alone when you need to and courage to cut off from wrong company today in Jesus name. We all have great potential but little little foxes destroy our manifestations. 
Bishop once shared how God showed him some people,that if these people don't leave your life, you will not see the next phase of your destiny and once he cut those people off,God showed him cannanland. Don't be sentimental, Sentimental people end up a casuality. 
Let them go! I once deleted someone's phone and he called shouting,don't you have my number,my reply; "it is my phone and not yours,I have the right to delete phone numbers I don't need again.
 I have de-protege people before. Don't Suspect People but be sensitive and some times the part company is inside you. 
Your character and habit maybe the wrong company hindering your life. Don't die with anything negative around you. Choice is your awesome right given to you by God. Use it well.
Every evil company that want to wreck your glorious destiny will die now in Jesus name.May you ever be in the company of good people because what they carry touches you. Have a great Day!

Written By Stephen Akintayo

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