There Is Need For Schools To Have Good Grasp of What Employers Are Looking For

In response to this, there is need for schools to have good grasp of what employers are looking for and also employers to be communicating with schools.

 Already there's an age long disconnect between the academic and the real world.

I feel a regulatory body in charge of the activities of lecturers would go a long way as we have in other professions like accountants, engineers, doctors, and even personnel. So interesting that i was still discussing this with an IT student today.

 It's like a demand and supply. The universities are like the suppliers of skills while the employers demand these skilled graduates.

But there is a mismatch between what the supplier(university) produces and what the market demands(employer) that's one of the major reasons why we have alot of certificated but not employable graduates in Nigeria.

That is the point I'm making that the employer and the universities need to collaborate. Imagine if there is a national manpower survey gathering employment information from medium and large scale establishments of the number of skilled people needed per time. LEt's say every five years. This will help a great deal.

One of our major challenges is understanding our problems in evident in the education and employment value-chain in Nigeria.


Unemployment in Nigeria remains a function of failed state policies,an underfunded failed educational system.

The unemployment situation in the country demands the contribution of all stakeholders. We need to aquire the skills which could contribute towards making Nigeria a modern country.

The number of young people graduating from our educational system and joining the pool of job seekers is rising so fast every year.

That is Relief for the unemployed and poor; Recovery of the economy to normal levels and Reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depresssion.

Series of domestic programs must be enacted in the country to tackle current unemployment in the country.

According to World Bank report, Nigeria needs 40Million jobs to absorb unemployed by 2030.

If we have to promote the development of our country too then the mission has to be `skill development’ and `Skilled Nigeria’.

The number of young people graduating from our educational system and joining the pool of job seekers is rising so fast...

56 years after independence,Nigeria is still sustained from natural resources, grossly mismanaged at the detriment of our future generations.

The Japanese with no natural resources trained their young men in technology which today sustains their economy.

Outsourcing industry today can create and has the potential for creating maximum employment opportunities for the youths.

There are several other sectors the present government needs to critically look at .Beyond Agriculture that is being touted by this government.

What other sectors should they focus on as a matter of urgency.

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