One Year Feels Like Ages

" To be married is not a gifts and cake affair ohhhhh. But we can be together and spice it up with gifts and cakes." Lolllllllllllllll!

One year feels like ages. Its been one Whole year. Yes, one year since we blessed our union in the household of God. One year of heights and lows. Steep hills and low valleys.

One year of moments when sweetness simple takes on a whole new level.

The warmth of Sunrise melts on our faces. Moments when you drawn in a love some Ocean.

No matter how lengthy a day is night surely comes. But when the fortress of hearts are united, there is always grace to journey on. A tempest might hint but a rainbow colours the day there after.

In good times we are care free souls.
In bad times our faces are strange .

Then, the fights. Oh as he attacks " I draw carta. (That kind carta wey I learn for snake in the monkey shadow film).

 Lol! (When husband and wife dey fight them dey call Lawyer)? They know how they settled their issues."

There are no perfect marriages. Like ours, yours can be an imperfectly perfect bliss if you so desire.

If you keep yourselves grounded with your dependence on God.

God is our strength.
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