12-Years-Old Boy Found And Rescued Behind Closed Walls In Ondo


What a scary piece, accompanied by horrorful photos! A mysterious event at Oduduwa street in Ondo , Ondo State of Nigeria. I still await details from source.

I am reliably informed so far that a boy of about 12 years was found in the middle of moulded (laid) blocks. This beyond imagination! 

The boy sang for 3 days before people around realised it was a living human and broke the wall to set him free, my source revealed.
Could the boy have been implanted in this wall while younger? How long has he been trapped or hidden inside this wall? 

Was he put there at a tender age, and may have grown there? Can he speak, or is he too traumatized?

These are many and more unanswered questions. Untill answers are provided, these crucial questions define and heighten the mystery of a boy behind closed walls. 

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Written By Vivian Jonathan Iwuoha
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