He is a lesson not a celebration. Some say he is to be celebrated for turning "villages into cities" in Delta State.

 Others say, he has been punished unlike other well known political rogues still flaunting their ill gotten wealth before us all. 

None of these reasons justify celebration for no village in Delta state is turned into a city. Nor does free wheeling political thieves amongst us, remove the stamp of rogue or convict from him.

Rather Ibori should be welcomed back home from London. But with solemn prayers. Let us give thanks to God for keeping his life through the years in jail and for giving him another chance at a life of integrity and service.

Ibori has passed a trying period. We ought pray that his prison experience entailed the purification of the soul. One in which hard lessons were learnt. One that will avoid a second harrowing lesson.

Let us pray that he returns home with quiet humility, fear of God and as a messenger of goodwill, not of the rabble rousing politics of blatant lies, treasury plundering, selfishness and destructive greed, which has pauperized Delta state in the past 18 years and counting with him and his acolytes' corrosive stranglehold of governance of the state.

Written By Ken Tadaferua.

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