Who Should You Spend Your Valuable Time With

Your time is incredibly valuable and no matter what you do, you have to look at it from an ROI standpoint.

There are Talkers and there are Doers. Only spend your valuable time with doers.

The ironic thing is that it's the talkers that will try to take up the most of your time. Doers don't because they're too busy - you guessed it - Doing.

If you are just getting started in MLM, you may be in a position to interact with most of your people.

 But as your business grows and your organization becomes bigger and bigger, it obviously impossible to talk with everyone. 

The key to managing your time and effort will come down to investing in your core group of leaders.

Remember, 80% of the results will be produced by 20% of the people in your organization.

 So discover who those 20% are and invest your valuable time in them.
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