The Only Thing Your Prospects Want Or Need

Anyone who's interested in a given subject is inevitably going to be interested in a host of other similar related subjects.

Your prospect is interested in MLM because they're interested in financial freedom. 

So instead of bombarding them with images of your company's products, opportunity and how yours is better than other programs on your timeline, while not educate them on how to achieve financial freedom and recommend materials or websites to expand their knowledge on that subject.

Anyone who's serious to be a business owner is going to need to learn sales...marketing...leadership...time management...you name it. We all require tools, training and resources to be successful at what we do.

Remember, anyone who's interested in a given topic is inevitably going to be interested in a host of related topics as well.

By doing this your prospects see you as a credible resource and expert. You now become the HUNTED instead of the HUNTER.
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