Philosophical Musings: Power " Penned 30,000 Feet Above Sea Level"

Whether spiritual, state, official or filial, the power any authority have over you is actually what you grant them.

 Authority stems from love, respect or fear (of consequences). We fear the consequences of sin so we try to be pious, we fear the heavy hand of the state so we try to be civil, we fear economic loss so we pander to the whims of bosses or customers, we fear the consequences of disobedience so we obey our parents and elders.

If the fear of consequences is removed, authority is diminished which is why those in positions of authority must recognize that they actually wield no real power or authority over anyone except that which is given to them out of love, respect or fear. 

What I mean by this is that deferment to authority can be withdrawn at any time should the person or group be
ready to damn the consequences.

Think about it, what power do you really have over someone that does not fear loss of love, privilege, job, possession, freedom or life. Ponder over this and learn humility as you wield power.
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