Greed Has Overcome Fear.

An analyst on CNN now. Markets are driven by 'greed and fear' explaining why the U.S. Stock market is opening on a high today.

 He said Greed is taking over and people are looking to opportunities. Greed has overcome fear. That is the common trait of capitalist economies.

 In Nigeria we are almost criminalizing 'greed' which is what drives economic growth. Entrepreneurs are Oliver Twists, they always want more. 

They want to serve more people and have more market share and move into more markets and make more profit and hire more people to make more money. 

That is what creates wealth at multiple levels and drives economic growth and reduces poverty. The Nigerian economy is currently driven by fear. 

Let us not concede more goals, let us focus on defensive play for fear of conceding goals but only a team that wants more goals win.

 We must never forget that. Greed trumps Fear. America will be okay. Nigeria too if we introduce offensive play. Our policies are currently anti growth
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