Prof Soyinka Tearing Or Not Tearing His Green Card

What do they use age for except to cheat young people. It isnt quite as poignant in English as it is in Yoruba. (Kini won nfi agba se, afi kan fi re omode je). 

I wasn't really keen in the drama of Prof Soyinka tearing or not tearing his green card as it is his inalienable right and as a dramatist and wordsmith he could summon any word he chooses to make his point but I did opine that it is good Prof found his mojo again on a foreign matter because some of us are surprised at his deadly silence in the face of the goings on in his backyard.

 Has the man died? Apparently not, as Prof has found his voice again. 

Why is this issue now of interest to me, Prof Soyinka should know that demanding that people live up to their promise is a lesson he taught well even if he has refused, as a strong voice that carries weight, to demand that this government fulfil its promises to Nigerians.

That you admire someone doesn't mean they cannot be wrong. I collect and read Soyinka titles but he is not infallible. Don't turn him into a literary demagogue that cannot be questioned.

 People went too far but his resort to verbal bullying is equally as bad. Was the term Shepopotamus not credited to him? Now he cannot take a dose of his own medicine?

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