Benoni Urey Is ready To Serve His Country.

Growing up as a young boy in Careysburg, to attending Cuttington University, it was my dream to fight for the cause of my country. 

Decades later, that dream still lives on, now even more than ever. I have understood my calling as a father, businessman, and humanitarian to serve my people and my country.

 It is my belief that we can only build a strong and prosperous Liberia on a solid foundation of personal integrity and love for our nation.

Over a century after independence, Liberians have a right to expect a more developed and prosperous nation. I have traveled the length and breadth of our country listening to our people. 

Their wants are reasonable. From Voinjama to Zwedru, Harper to Robertsport, the call has been the same: we want good education for our children, we want jobs, 

we want to be able to afford three full meals a day, we want better healthcare, and we want to live in decent homes, we want to grow our own food.

For a country blessed with abundant natural resources and a hardworking population, these needs must be satisfied. 

There are a large pool of hardworking men or women in our country. We must fight to turn our dreams into reality. For that, we need a strong development-oriented leader.

It is time to come together as one people to develop our beloved nation. Have a great weekend everyone.
Benoni W. Urey
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