You Have To Start To Become Great


Before the Forbes & Rolling Stone articles. Before speaking on stages in front of 12,000+ crowds all over the world. Before building friendships with my mentors. Before the millions in commissions. Before all the shiny and nice things, before having total freedom. Before all of that, was a kid who knew he was different, would not succumb to what society wanted him to do for the rest of his life, & refused to give up, no matter what. ,

This photo was taken by my dad, 7 years ago, on the day of my first real estate closing. My dad was in town, picked me up that morning, and I stepped into the car, reeking of liquor & lord knows what else from the night before. He scolded me the entire drive to the rental property, words I'll never ever forget.

I was 19 years old. It was a $1200 rental, which meant I was getting a check for a $388.80, which back then was a BIG WEEK for me. Prior to getting involved in Real Estate from a tv show on Bravo, I was going to start a "Sun Devil Ice" company where I was going to buy a snow cone machine off ebay (at 18) & pedal around campus slinging flavored ice to students. After that fell through I was going to start "Sexy Sun Devil Cleaning" (if you don't believe me ask Josh Noble) & I'm not even going to dive into the details on that one. Prior to that, in high school myself & one of my best friends David started "M & E Cookies" & that lasted for a span of 4 days until we got in trouble for selling cookies to kids for $2 a pop. Again, another fail.

Thank the heavens Network Marketing found me, because it saved my life and allowed me to become a beacon of hope & what's actually possibile when you make a decision & never give up.

You see behind every successful person, is years and years of failure. Behind every "over night success" is public ridicule, self doubt, anxiety, frustration, & so on.

Next time to see a successful person, realize there are plenty of years of immense struggle. & most importantly know YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN for yourself regardless of your current situation.

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