Process For Dealing With Erring Judges

There is a process for dealing with erring judges, the government should avail the saves of the process.

If it is not strong enough you strengthen it via a due process by amending the constitutional provision. 

An arm of the three organs of government cannot undermine the other arms and negate the principle of the check and balance that informs Separation of Powers.

 How can we not see that the nation runs a bigger risk with a full blown dictatorship in a Police State. Must we look at everything through the narrow prism of corruption. We did with our economy see where it landed us.

 We have done so with the legislators and they have been far from productive, now the Judiciary.

 See why people are afraid to give the President emergency powers to address the economy. 

So I ask you now that the DSS have arrested Gestapo style, will they try them in Tribunals and with special decrees?
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