Sentiments Got Us Here

What is this man trying to tell Nigerians? He has one thing in common with Dangote. 

He is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. They rise above sentimental attachment to do what is right at the auspicious time. 

We hear in the news in Europe and America of companies being bought and sold everyday but not so here. 

We would rather hold on to things even when letting go open the doors to bigger opportunities. We simply must not commit the same mistake of 2012 acting against out self interest because of cynicism. 

If we didn't trust Jonathan's government with the savings from Fuel subsidy, what is our challenge with a government that Nigerians elected for their high moral standing? What has changed? Nothing really because Nigerians remain the same.

 Successive failings of government has built a nation of cynics who are very distrustful of government. Genuinely so but we must never act against our self interest. 

This government needs funds and they can't get all they need from external and local borrowing. 

They need to explore other options of raising funds otherwise this recession will tarry for longer than necessary.

 Sentiments got us here, it shouldn't keep us rooted in one spot. This nation needs to move forward.
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