Nigeria And The Corruption War

Nigeria must fight corruption in all its ramifications and manifestations at both foundational and symptomatic levels if she must evolve into a responsible and sustainable sovereign democratic entity.
What Nigeria must not do is to sacrifice rule of law in fighting transactional corruption.
The challenge is for the Nigerian leadership to strike a balance between doing what is right and desirable and what is universally acceptable as a democracy entity.
 This balance, though delicate, is possible with intelligent application of statecraft in an environment of transparency and accountability.
While it is good to wage a relentless battle against transactional corruption as President Muhamadu Buhari is presently doing, Nigeria will never win the corruption war unless Nigeria decisively lay the axe to the twin root of corruption namely, Nigeria's wrong value system and the corrosive systemic decay engendered and sustained by this warped value system both of which combines to produce transactional corruption we witness across all sectors of our national life.
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