I Have Remained Loyal

Nobody can accuse me of going back on my word"- Fashola.
That is integrity simply put. 

It is never about the individual but what you stand for even though someone may be a beneficiary of that principled stand momentarily.

 You can see the difference that an ideologically driven governance makes. 

I look forward to the day Fashola and those like him will drive party politics on a truly ideological and truthful platform. 

Where competition for political office will be keenly contested and fairly won. I pray we arrive at this point in the not too distant future. 

Fashola in my opinion is the real successor to Awolowo. 

He is cast in the mould of men who give serious thought to issues before taking a stand and haven taken that stand, remains unshaken like an Iroko tree no matter with what fury the storm rages.
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