Another Message From Benoni Urey To His People

I received yet another endorsement, this time from The Coal Union Drivers Association in Paynesville. I am humbled by the confidence that many Liberians from all walks of life, especially young people, have in me. I am profoundly grateful that  people consider me worthy to lead this promising nation of ours.

My vision and determination to transform Liberia remains as strong as it ever was. There is an even greater urgency now to give our country the leadership it deserves, and the leadership that can bring back confidence to our country. The soul of our nation is in pain, parents are in tears, children fear for their futures and, workers are worried and unhappy.

With your support, we are one step closer to moving Liberia forward . Together, we can create an environment for the private sector to thrive and provide the leadership that will utilise the positive energies of all Liberians. Being from different political affiliations should not stop us from taking bold steps towards the structural transformation of our national economy, which will lead us into long lasting prosperity.

We shall restore hope and bring back the smiles on our people's faces. To the people of Liberia I say, keep hope alive. Our liberation day is coming. The Lone Star will shine again!

Thank you and God bless Liberia.
Benoni W. Urey

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