Love Poem

I watched from afar then moved closer
And the gaze on one side was as good as on the other.

I did spy on your inside and I was awestruck to see the values you carry!

If they knew how a rare gem you would become, an elephant from the Sahara would be killed for your christening.

If some got a glimpse of the pace you've set ahead, they would learn how to run from a mental Usain bolt.

And Like the maxim has it, "Beside a successful man is a woman who helped dictate the signs".

You gazed at me like every other guy, but kept the testimony like a few who dared the uncertainty of the future.

You got some blow from life's menace,
Fell and fell, but you kept on rising.
The picture for the desired end wasn't clear,
Yet you weathered the storm to make the finishing line.
It was hard at a time, you can tell,
But you hoped for the dividend in the end.
It's been years of tasking moments,
Yet the union is going great daily.

The journey so far is worth it...
As I can see the smile on your face.
As long as you live, I wish you a marriage with incessant streaks.
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