Excesses Of The Shites

The Shites really are not nice people. But should their leader be locked up without charges indefinitely? Should the Kaduna State Government ban the group as an illegal organization and order the arrest of its spokesman who issued a statement on the ban? 

Can government for instance ban Rev Kings or Guru Maharaji's sect? And order an arrest should they protest through a statement? Now citizens in Kaduna have taken the law into their hands to burn their place of worship and residents killing 4 in the process and wounding 17 in Kaduna and Kano.

 The excesses of the Shites is well documented so do they deserve all that is happening to them? You decide according to the dictates of your conscience but this society is becoming more and more a Banana Republic. 

Should the Shites be attacked and killed by mobs for organizing a procession in defiance of an order that banned a religious association despite the constitution allowing freedom of worship or association? Is organizing a procession punishable by death?
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