4 Marriage Lessons From My Marriage To My Wife

1) The Provision Rule.
A man must take personal responsibility for his family finances even if he earn lesser than his wife or has financial challenges he must take the responsibility to provide. I once share that even if thing get so bad that I loose everything I have, if the last option is to carry blocks and do labourers work,I must not delegate bill payments to my wife.There is dignity in labor. Men are designed to provide for the home and women are the design to manage the provision. You break that rule, you can loose your home for it.

2) Teachability Rule
You must forever remain teachable. both parties must do this. No one except God knows it all. Learn to be willing to learn from your spouse. Pride has kill most homes. Was counseling a couple resently and the husband want to divorce his wife and took her things out of his house. After must appeal to the man and correctional talks to him. The wife was asked, do you want to divorce him? She said no! And was ask knee and beg your husband and she started counting his error. Just go on your knees and apologize. Listen guys, I have Learn in life that it's better to have peace than to be right. And to have peace you must learn to apologize it doesn't matter who is right or wrong. Use the Magical word of " I Am Sorry". Both parties must learn to use the word " I Am Sorry". Stop waiting for who will say it first. Bury your ego to have a peaceful home.

3) Forgiveness Rule
The person that will hurt you most in your life journey is your spouse. It is the curse/blessing of love. But God made it easy by giving the forgiveness hormones if you choose to activate it. E.g. Your parents and siblings are the only ones who will use the most insulting words to you but you must learn to forgive still. Unforgiveness is like witchcraft it tie you down and prevent you from moving forward with your life. Learn to practice advance forgiveness. I practice lifetime forgiveness in my marriage. Even the uncommitted offenses have been forgiven before they are committed.

4)Don't Let Prophets/Pastors nor third party enter your marriage .
It was agreed from inception. " NO THIRD PARTY". Marriages that last don't involve third parties in solving their issues not even pastors or family nor false prophets who see stupid visions. The day I will cut off my relationship with you is the day you start seeing stupid prophecies. Learn to pray for people instead of telling them evil vision you saw. A real Man solve his matter with his wife without 3rd party and a submissive wife will agree to the issues being resolve no matter the height of the matter. Once you take it to public square, you have wreck your life period. Let me add this! If you Married a foolish man, it's your fault and accept it and stop blaming the man. If you Married a witch or foolish woman, it's your fault and stop telling the world that you where foolish enough to marry a foolish person and blaiming the foolish person for your foolishness. What I have learnt is that no one is perfect and all these perfect syndrome talks can't help any home and it will affect generations unborn. So perfect your home by picking a man whose weakness you can handle and a woman whose weakness can be handle and turn the marriage to a beautiful thing.
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