Battle Must Be Won

You don't believe in your own ability to succeed. The Inner Battle is a lot tougher than the outside battle,but 1st... Understand that The Battle must be 'WON'

Here are my thoughts

1. Be aware of the battle.

Awareness is a great step. At times people trust the voice of the wrong person as truth.

Consider that it isn't the fact, but you have a deeper and truthful voice.

The Positive voice wants to help you be a better person and live a life of personal responsibility. 

The Negative voice wants to sit around and 'Blame and Complain'.

2. Do you know your self?
  What kind of vision do you have for yourself? 

Got this from Ray higdon yesterday. he said "for you to have  a vision you need to 1st know... Who you want to become, and 'How you want to be known . '

Don't focus on how much money you need, instead focus more on Who you want to Become.

See yourself in a better situation than you are currently without justifying why you are where you are.  Justifying where you are, keeps you where you are.

You are meant to play big and it starts with self development.

Just like feeding our bodies, your mind needs to be nurtured on a daily basis.

Articulate all your vision everyday and keep your mind on all the good things that you want.

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