From The Prophet's Corner

When you are in bondage and you do not know it, it is the worst case scenario. That is how many people are walking about in shackles that it is difficult to be free. When you are aware that you are in bondage, your salvation is half way. The captive exile hasteneth because he knows that he is the pit, so that he will not die in captivity. 

God, in His mercy, will leave some discomfort for someone. If the person is complacent, in His mercy, again, He heightens the discomfort so that he can make a move out of the pit. If God allows us in our captivity, we will never come out of it. The Israelites were enjoying garlic and cucumber in their bondage and God allowed their bondage to be increased, then they cried out to God by the reason of their bondage and God set them free. 

That is why God saith: "the one that I love I chasten". Every easy way is a slippery slopy slide, So His mercy is discomfort, hardship, pressure on every side, Such that by the reason of the afflictions, we will seek Him early. And He said, " he will go and return when they acknowledge their sin, in their affliction, they will seek me early".

So God will allow afflictions so that men will acknowledge their sins and seek His help. This affliction can be economic hardship, health issues etc. Anybody who is not having one affliction or the other in his life at varying points is doomed for life.

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