The Fear Of Disease And How To Defeat It.

Sometime ago, A Spiritual thinkers sent me a mail, He wrote compassionately about how fear and worry beget and foster disease, attracting thought to the continual and unhealthy contemplation of the subject of sickness, thereby further exciting the fear of disease. fear and anxiety can lead to what he calls over-medicalization. When fear disappears, the foundation of disease is gone. Healing follows. So I replied, The next step is to explain why they should not be afraid.

Telling an individual not to fear, So I asked myself, If that is all it takes to be healed of an ailment, how come there isn’t more healing in the world, and why such a persistence, even proliferation, of disease? The answer is not farfetched. The terrified thought struggles to let go of fear, oftentimes finding it impossible because of the aggressiveness of the symptoms presenting, or because of the hopelessness diagnosis instills.

The ultimate step is to prove fear groundless through healing. Wishing away disease, or blindly ignoring symptoms, is not what brings about healing. It takes consecration of thought, devotion of time and energy, In order to gain a spiritual understanding of God. Being a religious person however provides the avenue to overcome and destroy fear.

For instant in the Bible, Jesus usually began his healing with the words ‘Be not afraid’ or ‘Fear not’. Many, including some members of the medical faculty, are finding that this spiritual activity aids the healing process and can actually heal outright.

So to anyone struggling with illness or the fear of it, it is well to remember that fear starts with a thought, therefore it takes a thought in the opposite direction – spiritual thought grounded in God – to overcome it. And the immutable source of good health is God.

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