An operations manager is a senior role. The role ensures that an organisation is running smoothly and efficiently to the satisfaction of customers.

An operations manager's broad role includes monitoring and analysing the current system and its effectiveness, and working out a strategy for improvement.

An operations manager manages the day-to-day activities of the organisation - the inflow and outflow; and writing reports.

Operations managers also have to do a lot of liaising with other team members of a company, including interacting with managers of different areas of the organization; which also includes presenting findings to higher management as well as training and supervising new employees and tracking and measuring staff performance.

Other duties and responsibilities include:

Planning and controlling change to the benefit of the company, which also affects positively client relationship.

Managing quality assurance programmes.

Researching new technologies and alternative methods of efficiency.

Setting and reviewing budgets and managing cost.

Overseeing inventory, distribution of goods and facility layout.

The Operations Manager's role is very important to the success and growth of the organisation.

This job requires PREVIOUS JOB EXPERIENCE and relevant professional management qualifications with degrees in business administration or similar subjects.

Kindly do not apply because you think you can. It is not trial and error. It is a job, and would rather be put in the hands of competent, qualified individuals.
If you meet the requirements, kindly send a cover letter and CV to: bellflowerresources@gmail.com
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