The hacking incident we had on one of our 3rd party website in BITCLUB NETWORK is a proof that our investment in the pools doesn't come from new members joining but purely from mining!

Past few days there has been zero sign ups, and on the 18th of this month we mined 5 blocks of bitcoins which gave us 65.5 btc, which is worth 1.5m Usd or 540m Naira for us in Nigeria!

You can convert the 1.5m Usd to see what this means in your local currency! The only 100% verifiable passive income I know!

Even if we still want to sign up people, it's really a positive and great evidence to all of us, the site is down to add more tight layer to our security.

Your investment is highly secured with Bitclub Network.

If you're ready to make your 2018 a year to make multiple 7 digits in cryptocurrency mining, shoot me a message and let's get you started!

Check what other 3rd party websites are saying about Bitclub Network in the comments below....

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