Finding The Secret To Success And Happiness" By Innocent Ogbeide!

There was a young warrior in a village who was looking for the secret to success and happiness. So one day he set out on a journey to a neighboring village to meet an old wise man to find answer to his question.
On getting to meet the old wise man, the young warrior asked him for the secret to success and happiness. The old wise man took him by the hand and both of them started walking towards a river.
To the greatest surprise of the young warrior, the old wise man kept walking inside the river still holding the young warrior's hand.

The water got to their knees, later to their waist and got to their shoulders until they were both submerged inside the river. After some few minutes they both walked back to the shore of the river.

The old wise man looked at the young warrior and asked him, "when you were submerged inside the river, what was that one thing you wanted most"? The young warrior said without hesitation "I wanted to breathe at all cost"?

Then the old wise man said to him, that is the Secret to Success and Happiness!

The young warrior returned home having found the answer to his question.

We all know that breathing oxygen is very important to our survival as humans.

Until Success and Happiness is as important to you as breathing oxygen then you're not qualified to have it!

Be intentional with your dreams and goals for this year....
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