Don Jazzy’s Bodyguard, Threatened The Life Of A Woman' By Joy Isi Bewaji!

A bodyguard, acting like a typical patriarchal bully, was recorded verbally attacking and threatening the life of a woman. He called her “Ashawo” more than once, and mimicked the walk of an ashawo for effect, at an eatery full of many customers.

He is Don Jazzy’s bodyguard, so you can understand how intoxicating this power he thinks he has is– a nobody who finally manages to watch the behind of a celebrity. What a wawu!

Nigerians head over to his Instagram page to drag him like a rag. Which is perfectly fine. They drag him all the way to 2014 where he is at a gym getting all muscled up to boost his bad behaviour. It’s funny at first, until I see that every picture was trolled with insults.

I get bored and I roll my eyes.

Then I click on a picture of a woman and I see the comments are just as bad:
“Na you be the ashawo wey dey sleep with am, abi?” someone wrote.

Why are they even here, all the way to 2014, trolling a random picture of a woman on his IG? Why? Now I’m shaking my head, wondering why Nigerians are so stupid.

You insult a man for calling a woman “Ashawo” in a restaurant, but you are on his IG calling a woman you think means something to him the same derogatory term. How does this make sense to you? How?

There I was, disgusted, until I read the comments under the picture of his child.
One Nigerian wrote: “Na this your ugly pikin be ashawo.”

A CHILD, barely 4 years old.

The comment was written by a young woman.

Nigerians will make you a misanthrope, I tell you. I claim that title with no doubt. A staggering number of Nigerians are just a tail away from becoming beasts. Domestic dogs in Europe are better than many humans in Nigeria.

You have no sense. Nothing. Just a rotten skull full of empty thoughts about jollof rice, weddings and Zee World.

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