Be Kind To Your Children' By Joy Isi Bewaji!

When Jolly wears a look, for instance, I ask her "what's up?". She'll smile and shake her head. Then I'll say, "you're sure you don't want to talk about it?"

She will look at me, and ask with the tiniest voice. "Please can you put on the generator so I can watch Miraculous?"

It's just 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. I'm supposed to take them back to school after another weekend together. But I smile and say, "but of course, darling." And I kiss her cheek.

To spare one hour will not kill me. The roads will not roll up like a carpet and dissappear. Let her watch Miraculous.


When Ife wants to share some of her stories, I leave everything I'm doing and watch her display her understanding of a situation for 5 minutes. Even when she tries to crack a joke and it isn't exactly funny, I laugh boisterously still.

Sometimes I laugh so hard, she'd look at me and say, "but it's not that funny nah."😂

I clap for her when I have to. I nod when I believe I am expected to. I smile a lot. I joke a lot. I don't judge my kids.

They have their whole lives to discover and deal with pessimism or negativity. They have their whole lives to discover that humans are mainly unkind and stupid. None of that vibe should be coming from home; none of that should be coming from me.

And when they have to confront and observe the real world with its drudgery, I want them to think of me with a smile; and remember that no matter how hard it gets, they have one of the most amazing and exceptional women as a mother.

Yup. Me! 💃💃💃

That should light up their path.

I am the cheek kisser and motivational ranter. They can't get enough of my pep talk.

Do not enrol in the business of being unkind to your own children.
Have a wonderful week, y'all
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