This Is President Muhammadu Buhari For You! By Aliyu Bello

He turned down N500 million official cars for himself after taking oath;
He reduced his constitutional salary and allowances;
He sold 5 out of 11 presidential fleet (Jets) he inherited from his predecessor;
He reduced cost of governance in his office and begged his appointees to emulate him;
He told his relatives not to come to Aso Rock to visit him;
He called his children and told them not to expect he will leave wealth for them after death, apart from the education he gave them;
He replaced fried meat, fried chicken, fried fish, foreign juice, wine, etc, with fresh Apple, Banana, Dates, Oranges and ordinary water during VIP meetings in the presidency;
He neither built any new house, nor refurbish the ones he had already;
He runs a simple life with humility and shows exemplary leadership;
He tolerates and turns deaf ear to those who criticise, insult or foolishly attacked him;
He always likes to employ and work with educated, patriotic and honest people;
He always listens to good advice from good people regardless of religion, tribe or gender
He hates stealing, corruption, laziness and sycophancy with passion;
He is always smiling, patient, humble, simple and committed to his duties.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is President Muhammadu Buhari for you!

May God guide him, protect him and bless him with good health and long life to deliver the task entrusted on him.
*Thank you, Aliyu Bello, for showcasing PMB in proper light; and M. Isah, for the well-matched graphic illustration. - Vivian Jonathan Iwuoha
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