70-Year-Old Widow Was Caught Having Sex With A Younger Man In Her Own House! By Fazebuuk Yeyebrity

So a 70-year-old widow was caught having sex with a younger man in her own house in Ebonyi. Her granddaughter, who saw them, raised an alarm and the youth of the community—people like you and me, purported leaders of tomorrow—dragged the duo through the streets, booing them, shaming them.

 After the shame parade, elders of said community have now fined her three goats for having sex with another adult.

Cultures differ, in their wisdom or folly. I'm unable to understand what is abominable in this act. Are there human rights and NGO groups in the state? Can someone from the area who knows better about these things help us explain what the abomination is here?

That old woman needs love and help at the moment. She has been wronged by her community and family. 

She's too far away, but we could reach out to her and show support and love. All she did wrong in my own eyes was being human in a hypocritical, heartless society.

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