Before You Pay Those Exorbitant School Fees For Your Darling Children! By Teekay Akin Consultancy


Before you pay those exorbitant school fees for your darling children.

Q: How much do you really love your children? 
A: A whole lot. To the moon and back et al.

So why are you bent on ruining their futures and setting them up for failure in life?
Let's take a closer look at the TRUE lives of two men (Segun, Dele). Both have 2 children of around the same age both work in the same office and their income per family monthly is roughly the same.

Segun loves his children and understands that good education is key so he decided to send his children to Grange School, Ikeja, one if the best in the country. He pays around 4 million Naira annually per child. This puts a burden on the family income and sometimes he has to take loans to fund his children's education.

Dele, on the other hand also loves his children and understands that good education is key, so he decided that rather than pay the expensive fees and get into debt, he sent his children to Federal Govt. schools and over the years he used the bulk of his money to invest in lands in Ibeju-Lekki for his children 

- He bought 4 plots at 1 million Naira for each of the kids.

All four children graduate university, obviously Segun's kids have gone to the best private universities around and got the best MBAs, while Dele's kids still finished from Federal Universities.

At the end of the day, Segun's kids were very more qualified with better and fancy certificates to gain employments than Dele's kids. Dele's kids upon realising this, rather than beg for employment, returned to their investment.

Need I say each plot of land is now worth 200 million Naira. Tunde, the first child, sold a plot, used 20 million Naira to build his home on another plot and set up a Real Estate Company where he was able to employ the likes of Segun's kids.

Don't set up your kids for failure by wasting money in making them good employees, rather invest in their future, buy our lands and give them something that will forever be appreciating.

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