There Is Something About Nigeria, "Something That Does Not Bother Me Again" Says Onyeka Nwelue

Omoyele Sowore is the target of both the political class and the apolitical class. They call Charly Boy all sorts of names. They froze Sowore's account and we are happy. Gleeful people. We love the idea of people leading us, but we hate those who do not lack confidence like us. We want to punish them for being courageous and we are not.

I am reminded that I should never fight or stand for anyone in January when I was properly beaten by uniformed people in Abuja. I returned to Athens to find a bill of $1,900 in my mailbox from Methodist Hospital in Columbus. It shocked me. All because I went out to see how I could stop bullies and rapists from arresting a mother. This is exclusive of the bill I paid at Alliance Hospital in Abuja. By the way, one of the uniformed officers that night, who is now my acquaintance, made the effort of reaching out to me and expressing regret. I moved on.

My friend, Emeka Iweka has been trying to convince me to join a rally he is leading in Lagos, but I have said, Olorun maje! God forbid! I am not doing. And spending time in Abuja with Tope Fasua, whose party ANRP is still in the process of registration, I thought about Progress Party and how Okaka Idemili mocked the idea on his Facebook, asking: where is the office? So, I sat back and said,

Dear Onyeka,

You're living a good life elsewhere. You can continue it and leave these Nigerians. Visit them when you can. Lodge in a hotel, pretend like you care about them, get on the plane and fly the fuck off!

Because, the Nigerian youth is the greatest enemy and the greatest obstacle that we must bear to face.

For those who look up to me, I want to apologise that I have to let young Nigerians face their country.

Let me go and pay the bill that young Nigerian soldiers beat me into first.
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