The Men I Am attracted To! By Joy Isi Bewaji

The men I am attracted to have less than 1,000 friends on Facebook. They have no idea Facebook comes with a "Follow" button.

If they ever add the "follow" button, they'd get 126 followers for three years and that'd be it.

Their settings is on "Private". Profile picture changes only once a year. And it's definitely not a selfie; it's a smile across the table without any deliberate intention of posing for the shot.

The men I am attracted to have no idea what is trending on Facebook right now. They find it extremely surprising that people send in "Dear Amanda" for relationship advice.

They have no clue what Toke Makinwa talked about two weeks ago. They know her, yes. Because, well, they buy ThisDay and she's usually on the Style pages. Familiar name.

Their Instagram page is empty. Just three pictures from 2012.

They have no Twitter account. Snapchat? You must be joking.
"Why does that man have a flower on his head," they'd ask when people migrate from Snapchat to Facebook with blue eyes.

They don't know what a "sub" is.

They don't leave comments unless it's in a specific group that interests their business or lifestyle. They don't flaunt anything. Not even a watch on a wrist casually resting on an armchair.

It is not because they think they are better than everyone else... they know half the stuff online is a hoax. They know if they participate actively on any timeline, they'd most likely be arguing with someone living on a dollar per day seeking any means necessary for attention.

They have a few travel pictures. They get 5 comments max on any random thought they share.

They share only 9 mutual friends with me.

The photo section is filled with travel locations and quotes from Richard Branson.

They know many things... but they know not to share any in the open market of social media.

They are not feminists. They are not patriarchal overlords.

They are men.

They are brilliant. They live with the knowledge of common decency and a great deal of integrity.
*blows kisses*
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