Life Gets Tougher When It Seems You're Better Than A Lot Of People! By Onyeka Nwelue

Life gets tougher when it seems you're better than a lot of people. You will become the problem solver. People will come to you for help. They want you to find possible solutions to their problems. They don't think you need help. That's where the problem lies.

Nobody is self-made. No one should struggle alone, since we never get to enjoy alone.

People tend to bring sadness into the lives of others. You spend years building a network, only for one to walk into your life and expect to make use of you for free. It should not happen. Pay for what you don't have or offer something in return. You can offer money or sex or food. Just make sure you offer something. Gratitude is good, but gratitude has to be visible. 

If you're going to take from anyone, be ready to sacrifice something. Else, you will be rejected by all. Your calls will not be answered again.

I've had these delirious situations where I had to look inwardly and suspicious to know what people want from me. Some of them think I am dumb, but at the end, they get played.

All because they tried to use me. Don't go looking for someone to use and forget the consequences.
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